Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization refers to the percentage of website visitors who take an action in your website or e-shop. The website's or eshop's user interface usability and simplicity convince the visitors to continue engaging with the website/eshop by taking actions. The actions that from their initial state are transformed into a new state called conversions. A conversion may include a "visit" that became a "click", a "click' that became a "like", a "like" that became a "purchase". The better the design the merrier the time and the actions the visitor will take in the website. CRO is  a great indicator of UX/UI improvement aiming to increase a high quality traffic to your website or e-shop, number of leads and ultimately number of conversions.

If you have a well designed website and your marketing campaign is starting to increase traffic, for some reason it is noticed that this traffic is not generating conversions like a newsletter subscription or click or purchase and after 40 seconds visitors leave the site. Why is this happening? Conversion rate optimization handles with such issues. What is more important than driving a visitor to the website is to make sure that the visitors are acting and perform as we have planned.
At Oweb Digital Experience ® we use
traffic and user behavior detailed analytical reports for the website or online store. We study the behavior of the users during their browsing the website and we draw important conclusions that lead to an increase of conversions. The changes we make to your website are not made by chance but based on scientific methods and results of data statistical analysis and many tests.

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