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Service and Product promotion using E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote an online business for more than 2 decades. Being the first place for many years as the most effective way to promote an online business manages to remain at the top of the most cost-effective solutions.

E-mail marketing refers to the ways we can promote services or products of a business through the targeted and selective emails sending to a range of existing or potentially e-mail clients. These messages can include detailed business information, promotions, coupons, photos, contact information, posters, cards, and more. Ad campaigns, workshops, seminars etc. can also be organized and promoted in a targeted audience depending on the type of promotion and audience that the business wants, on predetermined dates.

If you are looking to promote your business on the Internet through e-mail marketing, we in Oweb Digital Experience ® ️ can help you offer solutions that focus on the customer, aiming to convert visitors to clients, maintaining the existing clientele and selective email sending to selected clients.

Improving the e-mail marketing process daily, we manage to increase business-to-customer messaging, call-to-action user interaction with your website (conversions), and increased engagement and customer engagement with the business after the sale is completed.

Through e-mail marketing we manage:
  • The increasing of the clientele
  • Improving your site's visitor rates (Visitors, Clicks Through Rate)
  • More dedication to potential customers
  • Keeping constantly informed customers
  • Viewing the business throughout the market cycle
  • Cross sales / upgrade capabilities
  • Targeting local broadcasting
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Sales increasing

Our digital marketing services include:

  • A/B testing - We will run multi-variable tests to determine which emails produce the best results and appeal from the desired audience.
  • Customized advertising campaigns based on user behavior.
  • Smart categorization of email lists of users we want to target and sort by factors such as life cycle stage, age, location, type of content, etc.
  • Tracking and optimizing delivery and email delivery to existing users.
  • We will monitor and measure the performance of your emails in order to determine the best shipping times and optimize the reach and impact of your emails.
  • Compliance with the Spamming Law - We will ensure that all your emails will comply with the most recent legislation.

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