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Local SEO / Local Search

Local SEO / local search refers to all the ways that will rank your business high to search engine local results for the broader area in which your business operates, whether it is a city or a district or a building block or county.

A large percentage of potential customers make their purchases over the internet shortly before or after a morning coffee or an afternoon walk just before or after a delightful dinner at home, at a cafeteria or inside the metro, buses or taxis. Most of the time they are searching and shopping online because they may have noticed a product or service that caught their attention and automatically created the need to search for the specific product in the wider area at that moment. Product searches in geographically regions trigger a series of categorized results that are based on geographic delimitation criteria.
If a user searches for a business and includes a location in his search, the search engine knows that the search is intended to used locally. If also a user make a search, search engines will deliver results based on geo-location criteria and he will see first the local companies around his area. That happens basically because search engines identify the location due to internet service provider internet protocol address or smartphone/tablet id or GPS etc. Search engines also suspect this intention in some searches. All search engines want to give the user exactly what they are looking for thus, they try to geographically-locate and personalize the search.
If your business does not appear high on local searches, you miss the opportunity to get the attention of those who are willing to shop in your store.

As technology and the use of mobile devices grows rapidly, the approach to SEO techniques has evolved. It is no longer enough for your website to appear in organic results but you also should make sure that your website is optimized in such a way that the users can find your business locally using local SEO or local search when using mobile devices.

Target an audience with specialized
local SEO or local search, which has the potential and is willing to buy. Local searches can target to the category of customers who are more likely to make a purchase despite the fact that they are in the lowest percentage of search-based users in comparison to organic search, social media, paid search or direct search volume. Why to lose those potential customers despite their small number?

At Oweb Digital Experience ®
, we aim to increase also the local visibility of your business by improving your business promotion using both local and organic SEO. We use ways to increase the visibility and recognition of your business and you just have to visit us to discuss the solutions we can provide and the prospects we can create fro you!

Local SEO / Local Search

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon when I decided to travel from Athens to Ioannina to meet some friends of mine. Somewhere in the middle of my trip I decided to combine my trip with a visit to some archaeological sites in the sacred city of Mesolongi. In order for this to happen I would have to stay overnight so I started searching for a hotel in that region. In my search for a hotel which results were displayed? Well, as you can see, only three hotel places appeared in the local results below the ads section on the first page of the Google search engine results.

The top positions belonged to those businesses that had the most relevance to my search. In order to achieve this, they had predicted in their promotion strategy to include specific factors that make them rank a locally. I was more likely to choose one of the first three hotels which appeared in the local results as a first solution and rather than starting search the organic results. Deliberately, local results are displayed above the organic results!

For this reason, your business should appear not only high on organic search but also on
local SEO / local search (e.g., Mesolongi Hotel). When you are high on local SEO / local search, you will be able to take advantage of an unexpected or impulsive sale or resale solution to users who searched at that time, were in your area and found you!

The focus of every local business is to appear on the high positions of local results but always in combination with the achievement of high organic positions in SERPs.

local seo oweb digital experience

local seo oweb digital experience

Geo-Located Organic Results

As you can see, in the same results page below the first 3 local results (showed above) you will see the results that called "organic results". These are the results that search engines return when searches do not seem to have a search intent with local features. The following websites including Trivago.gr, Booking.com, Greekhotels.gr are content providers web platforms that appeared when I searched for a "mesolongi hotel", as it also appeared in searches for hotels that will exist also in other cities all over Greece, which by the way include in their databases some of the businesses in Mesolongi area.

Note: These organic results applied because they were triggered by an also local search term, "mesolongi hotel" and differ from the results that appear in the local search. Due to that they showed general organic results, happened also to include business data that contain the word " mesolongi ". If the search was made for hotels in Agrinio (a city nexto to Mesolongi) then the search engine would dispaly different results including again the general organic booking providers like Booking.com etc. and also some other Agrinio local organic results. Nowadays, the term local SEO / local search is mainly used for mobile devices from consumers who are in the broader area of ​​your business or are going to visit the city where you have your business. Consumers are looking for services and products at the closest points with the tendency to make a purchase "on the spot".

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