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Search Engine Optimization

Can anyone see my website?! If your company does not appear on the top ten positions of search engine results something is probably going wrong! Apparently, among other actions, what you need to do is also look for a SEO expert.
Phrases such as "Why my website does not appear at all?", "Why my website does not appear on the first page?", "Why my competitors appear higher in search engines despite the fact that they have built their website later than mine?" Are some of the questions we daily hear from people who either visit us at our offices or happen to discuss with them in a meeting or conference. Many website or online store owners are constantly expressing their complaints and queries about working with a company or freelancer who, despite having built their website, fails to anticipate and implement a range of actions to help the company climb in the highest search engine positions.

Do you wonder why despite your unique and original content you still do not appear on the first pages of the searches engines results?
The goal of Oweb Digital Experience® is through a number of search engine marketing tactics including SEO actions and tips to make your website capable of climbing higher in SEPRs. By providing complete Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, we help your website climb to higher positions in search engines while responding to the greater amount of user searches for a particular product or service. Of course, in this effort we need your constant contribution and participation.
SEO is the core of all factors that affect the ranking of a website or e-shop) and we assure you that your new website will be designed and developed according to the most valid SEO practices. Your website will be easily accessible by the search engines, it will have a high position on organic search within a certain number of months and it will be user friendly. Additionally, the plan we create will be easily adapted to your company's digital marketing needs, whether it's the implementation of a specific non-paid strategy or paid advertisement (pay per click (PPC), social media marketing, etc.).
If you are tired of losing potential customers and your website does not create the right conditions for converting visitors to customers we can help you by providing:

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Optimized Webpages for Conversions

Our projects pass through many optimization tests and they have shown significant results. Your website will contain an effective sales policy with multiple options and call-to-action techniques for successful conversions so you can feel confident knowing that your new visitors will now be more likely to turn into customers.

Mobile Friendliness

Since a large percentage of the global internet users is engaged in mobile transactions, which is also a rapidly growing trend and reality in the Greek market, our goal is to make sure that you get the attention of all mobile users who see your website and offer them a qualitative user experience using their cellphones. We design all our websites or e-shops in order to be user-friendly, fast, mobile friendly and responsive.

Fast, Safe, Stable

We emphasize on the loading speed of the webpage (website, e-shop) since 40% of the internet users leave a website if its loading time exceeds 3 seconds. Users and search engines trust websites that are safe, fast and provide a quality in user experience. That's why we provide web security, personal data encryption, bin bandwidth, multiple hosting packages and SSL safety protocols that meet your needs.
We help your business stand-out from the competition!

Due to the rapid and massive data transmission, the internet audience evolves into more informed, rational and more selective. This situation requires changes and progress aiming to the people satisfaction.
The expectation for quality content among customers has increased and search engines are struggling to understand what the purpose and goal of each search is for. Any attempt to trick someone into the search engines is in vain. The purpose of search engines is to provide quality which is defined by specific technical characteristics. It becomes clear that if a company wishes to climb high in search engine results, it should address his audience honestly.
At Oweb Digital Experience ®, we are moving towards a simple and effective unique content enhancement method that not only performs well on searches but provides a better experience for the simple user. This methodology has been applied to hundreds of IT projects that we have completed, helping with a high organic ranking, increasing visits and inevitably increasing sales.

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What SEO means?

the display of a business website or e-shop in search engine results after a web search has been triggered by internet users using keywords eg. "Plastic chairs", "wooden stoves", "Greek restaurant", etc.

What SEO means?

the increase of organic traffic to a website that is related to the keywords a user searches for, on the internet. The more qualitative content, titles, keywords, security protocols, backlinks optimized images etc. a website has, the merrier the traffic towards it.

What SEO means?

the search engines efforts to meritocally rank the websites or e-shops based on quality factors in a way that responds to user searches. This is how users are satisfied because they have found what they are looking for, while increasing user confidence in search engines. Companies that have increased their clientele through search engines invest more in this search mode to remain profitable.

What SEO means?

the meritocratic hierarchy of results to attract and gain the trust of companies and users. In this equation the financial strength of the companies are not a classification factor.

What SEO means?

the meritocratic hierarchy based on smart algorithms that will distinguish the qualitative websites from those which use unfair practices for increasing their organic positioning. White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO you scored 1! Despite the rapid increase in the organic positions of a website be sure that behind such practices are unfair ways that in one or another way they will be penalized by search engines. We recommend stay away from such practices. The evaluation and high ranking of websites in search engines require daily effort, continuity, consistency and lot of time.

What SEO means?

be sure that any kind of unfair ranking of a website in high positions in search engines is controlled and in 99% of cases it is punished either automatically or after being controlled by search engines quality raters.
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