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Oweb Digital Experience ®️ is targeting at small, small-medium-sized and big companies in Greece and abroad. It is a purely IT company, staffed by graduate IT Engineers, Digital Marketing Researchers, Certified Software Developers (Google Certified Developers) as well as certified marketers in several marketing platform (Google Ads Experts).
The dynamics and ingenuity of the company is expanding in the projects it undertakes to deliver through its powerful team of professional IT engineers, analysts, advertisers, graphic designers, photographers, copywriters . The largest volume of its works is in Greece, complemented by a satisfactory number of IT projects in other countries.
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We provide valid knowledge and solutions, we have a winner's philoshophy and we transmit it to our customers by creating unique IT projects! We are passionate about the digital marketing and web design technologies! We use cutting edge tehnology delivering IT and marketing services to our customers, which increase their profits helping them to expand their businesses. We do not say it, our customers say! All you have to do is ask! Our main goal is to help our clients achieve their goals and to see their businesses perform and succeed. There is a two-way relationship between Oweb Digital Experience and its customers. Their success is our own success, thanks to their work and the recognition of their brand, our own improvement and progress is achieved!
We have
a Vision
At Oweb Digital Experience ®️ we have a vision, for that reason we create unique solutions that inspire, lead, change, are creative, increasing revenue to businesses. The creativity of our team leads us to provide personalized, innovative and creative solutions that compete fairly with competing companies in that product or service. We have a high level of awareness when it comes to business placements in Greece and we give great emphasis on understanding what our customers are looking for and how they respond to the integrated solutions we offer. Our ingenuity is a driving force for research, experimentation and eventually success and progress! A catalytic factor in our success is the passion for what we do and the high sense of responsibility towards each and every one of our clients.
We Carefully
In the field of communication we carefully listen to what the customer wants, what are his thoughts, what he wants to solve and we provide as many answers as we can. We invest time to our clients to be able to provide working solutions. We make sure we are consistent with what we say. We feel the anxiety of our customers, and we try tp provide them solutions that will satisfy their needs, goasl and objectives. Apart from IT and marketing solution, we also provide strategic solutions. We provide In this direction we make sure that we fully inform the customer of how we intend to approach his work and remain faithful to what we promise!

Our Philosophy
At Oweb Digital Experience ®, we commit ourselves to creating long-lasting successful partnerships and we succeed it. Our customers remain connected with us because we provide them high level of efficient services, we always tell them the truth and we build strong bonds between us. They see the solutions that we propose to them to make profits, and thus this is how trust is built between us. The immediacy in providing solutions along with the result produced establish good partnerships that are stable over time. Each side invests in building mutual respect and trust. Understanding the need for solutions and success, we show our passion for performance. Our customer's need is our obligation! The ethical rules on which we walk on and live by are the foundations of creativity and motivation that push us to evolve! At Oweb Digital Experience ® we will be judged by the outcome of our effort and we are sure that it will be perfect. We like the expression "Get the job done" with consistency, clarity, confidentiality, quality!
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We specialize in the provision of digital services such as digital marketing, UX/UI, Keyword Research, Website Audits, SEO Audits, Inbound Marketing tactics etc. We try to optimize our digital footprint to increase traffic, conversions and profits through organic search or through digital search (paid search/ppc). We achieve excellent service delivery results and increase the visibility of a business on the internet. This exposure takes place in a local scale or on a wider range of searches using On-Site SEO techniques, off-site SEO and Local SEO.

We specialize in analyzing, organizing, creating and monitoring the web presence and performance of businesses in social media and search engines. We provide social media optimization and social media marketing services as well as a high level of advertising (Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads etc.). We also provide pay per click services (Bing ads, Google Ads) aiming for high click through rates, conversion rates, leads generation, online sales, and users' contribution to promoting the business after engaging (engagement).

We specialize in websites design and development of electronic shops (e-shops). We implement informative, B2B, B2C, B2G, G2B, G2C portals - websites, online magazines and newspapers. We implement and support the construction, maintenance and monitoring of online stores (e-shops) in synchronized with ERP systems.

We specialize exclusively in email marketing. We are also keen on hotel branding and hotel promotion using Hotel Marketing online services. We design and implement IT projects such as responsive mobile applications, ERP and CRM.

We provide corporate branding services including Corporate Graphic Design, Printing and Packaging. We also provide product-venue-portrait-landscape Photo-shooting, Video Creation and Video Marketing.

We provide e-business consulting. We analyze, design and act strategically based on o business plan. We analyze the advantages and disadvantages of a business move and advise accordingly.

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.” –Ralf Speth

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