Web Design/Development

Wed Design and Development

Strategic Approach

Before we start designing or building any new IT project of our customers, we first understand why they want to have a web presence, how their companies work, what activities they do, what they provide, who they serve and all these questions will reveal us the information we need in order to think,design and implement the appropriate solutions to their needs in order the companies be functional, sustainable and expandable.

Responsive Design

At Oweb Digital Experience ®, we specialized in creating beautiful, customized and effective user-friendly websites that can fully represent your business! The design is supported by specialized IT engineers in the field of web-design. We implement responsive and mobile friendly websites and e-shops whose dimensions, photos, menu buttons, communication forms, and map can adapt to any screen dimension including desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Web / e-Shop Development

We build IT projects either starting from a zero base using web-design from scratch or implementing web pages using content management software (CMS) based on produced templates from the most modern and authoritative web design companies. We provide a thorough analysis, designing and development of your project by implementing a website that will help your business communicate, demonstrate its services and grow its reputation.

Website Maintenance

Once we publish the new website, we pay close attention on the website performance, the technical SEO, security, antivirus firewalls and we continuously make adjustments based on the metrics we get from consumer experience. We provide our clients tips for search engine optimization and for content optimization. In order a website to perform well it must be constantly kept up to date, correcting or reorienting procedures, adapting and delivering services or products on time.

e-Business Consultation

Based on the most authoritative guidelines on computer engineering, search engines algorithm updates, search engine marketing and social media promotion we advise our customers on what they should do to ensure that their website or e-shop will remain up-to-date and competitive.  We know, we are experienced, we have the knowledge and we guarantee to develop your business online presence in the most effective user-friendly profitable way. Contact us to prepare an offer tailored to your needs.
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